Herbert K. Schmoll

"As the manager of an engineering unit, I don't have to be the best engineer in the unit. On the contrary, too much detailed knowledge often obscures the big picture. What is crucial is that I am the best in those areas that are relevant to a manager's success. Our most successful poet J. W. von Goethe gives us the crucial hint: 'The prerequisite for success is clear goals and the burning desire to achieve them'. Goals and motivation - so that has to be above everything, with myself and with my team. But that's not enough by a long shot. As a manager, I have to be a role model in terms of discipline and behavior. I need strategies, organizational structures, processes that are suitable for achieving the goals. I have to be able to communicate all this convincingly, I have to be able to generate enthusiasm for it.

Developing a target scenario, deriving strategies from it, optimizing processes and organizational structures, communicating - you learn all this fastest and best in management consulting. There is a reason why so many key executives have a history in management consulting.

That's why I prefer to bring top talent into management consulting."

Herbert K. Schmoll

My Consulting Focus

I fill specialist and management positions in management consulting in the areas of sales, IT, consulting and in software engineering.

Contact & Address

SteinmetzPartners GmbH & Co. KG
Thorwaldsenplatz 1, 60596 Frankfurt am Main

  +49 172 7693497




Foundation of SteinmetzPartners - Executive Consultants GmbH in 20099

Managing director of two companies in the group of former employer association president Dr. Klaus Murmann

15 years in senior sales management positions with Germany- and D-A-CH-wide business responsibility at three leading global IT companies and a management consulting firm

Sales Manager Savings Banks at Nixdorf Computer AG

Key Account Management as responsible for a major bank at IBM

Software Engineer and Consultant for Database Design at IBM

Industrial engineering studies in Karlsruhe