Since 2009, we have filled positions at some of the world's largest companies in the IT, consulting and financial services industries.

Our portfolio includes Executive & Expert Search. We support our clients in developing their teams, bringing on board sales, IT, business professionals and executives they need to achieve their growth objectives.

Loyalty and professionalism are above all.

As a matter of principle, we do not approach employees at our customers, even if our contracts would allow it.

We guarantee professionalism through competence and focus. All our consultants come from management backgrounds. And we focus on a small number of industries and on a small number of position categories within these industries.


Our Strategy

Executive Search

You can only fill management positions if you yourself have successfully held management responsibility in your customers' industry.

For this reason, in Executive Search we only use former executives from the IT, Financial Services or Consulting sectors as consultants who have successfully led teams in these sectors and who have predominantly held the positions they are filling themselves.

Expert Search

In Expert Search, we only use consultants who have successfully worked as sales, IT or business professionals in our target industries of consulting, IT and financial services, or who have filled positions in this environment as personnel consultants.

They speak the language of the candidates and have the necessary persuasive power in an increasingly competitive sourcing market.

Our consultants have access to our highly specific talent pool of around 30,000 sales, IT and business professionals for support.


In order to ensure the required expertise in the assessment of candidates, we focus exclusively on the IT, consulting and financial services industries and, within these industries, on a small number of position categories.

Within the information technology and consulting industries, we exclusively fill sales, consulting and software engineering positions. Within the financial services industry, we fill positions in sales, IT, and foreign exchange and securities trading.

"One Face to the Candidate"-Principle

These days, successful IT/business professionals receive a large number of recruiter inquiries per week. In order for them to even accept a request, to even deal with a position, the transmission of a short, convincing "value proposition" of the position right at the initial contact is crucial.

Researchers are usually not in a position to do this because they have never held the positions, because they lack the expertise to communicate professionally with the candidates at eye level. That's why we leave this exclusively to our consultants, thus ensuring professional communication throughout - from the initial contact to the conclusion of the contract. We only use researchers for research; they do not come into contact with the candidates.


First and foremost, we rely on our own TalentPool with currently around 30,000 registered and categorized sales, business and IT professionals from the IT, financial services and consulting sectors.

A similarly important role is played by the networks of our consultants. Each of them has led teams in our focus industries for years and has met many colleagues. Consultants who come from sales management have also built up a large number of customer contacts. They can draw on these networks of former employees, colleagues, and business partners they can draw on to obtain recommendations.

Like everyone else, we naturally also use the usual research by phone or in social networks and career portals. We operate professional recruiter accounts in all relevant networks, which enable us to conduct a targeted search.




There are many dubious "headhunters" in the recruitment industry who indiscriminately send profiles of candidates to the recruiting departments of many companies without their knowledge and consent in order to get business. Under no circumstances do we share our candidates' records without their knowledge and consent.


The more framework agreements with non-solicitation clauses an executive search firm has in an industry segment, the smaller the number of approachable candidates. With only a few large clients per segment, we can easily comply with the non-solicitation clauses in our contracts without jeopardizing our growth targets.

No parallel presentations

For us, serious cooperation also means that we do not present the candidates we identify and approach for a client to other clients in parallel.

No references

In order to exclude any risk for our candidates that their application will be known by their current employer and their loyalty doubted, we refrain from asking for references.

Our Locations

If you have any questions or would like personal advice on a specific search, please contact one of our consultants directly (see consultants section). For all other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our management (see imprint).

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