Principles in our working relationship with candidates.

Executive Search is a job with very high requirements in respect of professionalism, seriousness, and confidentiality


is the most important principle in executive search. Therefore, we generally avoid the checking of references in order to avoid any risk for our candidates that their current employer becomes aware of the contacting.

"One Interface to the Candidate"

Nothing is more annoying than unexperienced researchers who contact candidates to positions that not fit in the candidate's career strategy. At SteinmetzPartners we advice our candidates beginning at the first contact until the conclusion of the contract with experienced managers.


We treat all your data and documents as strictly confidential and adhere strictly to privacy and data protection laws. We hand over your documents to our clients after you have agreed by a written approval.

Information and Briefing

We inform you about any status change of your application. We organise appointment and prepare you for the interviews.